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Author Topic: Character Dump  (Read 79 times)

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Character Dump
« on: January 20, 2016, 12:54:52 pm »

This will be a character dump thread for my various OC's and CST characters of mine that I may re-purpose. This home post and the following ones may see many edits at various points in time.

Ranks go from E- to S+. E is a the power equivalent to the average person. E+ is someone particularly skilled, and D- is a professionally trained person, such as D- in agility is an Olympic runner. Above these are of course specialized powers or physically powerful characters.
Spoiler (hover to show)

Strength is the character's general lifting, pushing, pulling, and overall fighting strength.
Endurance is a character's ability to take hits, like a combination of of defense and HP. Endurance also refers to a characters ability to do prolonged physical activities, like running or fighting.
Agility is a characters running and moving speed. Could also refer to a characters attack speed and ability to rapidly release attacks.
Energy is the store amount of energy a character has. Most often used as the source for using particular powers. Depending on the character, energy may also be used and transferred to boost other stat rankings.
Power Strength is the direct strength and potency a power has for damaging and harming foes or objects.
Power Technical is the viability, strategic use that a power has. This involves how the different powers a character has may compliment each other, as well as how a power lets the user use their normal stats. High power technical combined with at least one other high rank stat can null out any other combination of high rank stats.

Realms is the origination of the character. iCST is an independent character belonging to a CST from this forum. IDR is "If a Dream was Real", a story idea based on that Sinful Fantasm thing I haphazardly worked on. WWP is "White World Phantasm". my oldest story idea and related somewhat to the previous, on same timeline.

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Re: Character Dump
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2016, 01:28:40 pm »

Known Name: Talbinlen Akili, Mirror
Realm: iCST
Bio: Thrown to the streets at a young age by his father for rejecting the radical evangelical faith, he was forced to fend for himself for many years, stealing for survival, and on occasion having killed a few people to escape them. Bumping in with a staff member from Maalum, he was taken into the school and stayed there for two years, until it fell under attack by the Aqua Organization. Paranoia setting in, he went onto a rampant hypnotism spree, using his light bending powers, and built up a terrorist state known as CODE: NEMESIS. After creating a program that let him mass hypnotize, he took over almost a quarter of the United States, and small colony areas in other countries as the program spread. the Aqua Organization took action, and landed a direct assault on the main base of CN. Tal then joined a small group of former Maalum students on a raid against the AO, which was then ended with the interference by the Deose school. They offered a position for the former Maalum students, and Tal accepted, erasing his memories by hypnotizing himself.

After settling in the European based school, Tal took part in specialized missions set up by them for taking out gangs. After a particularly bad injury involved with specific events during the Deose period, Tal regained his memories, and left the school. He made contact with a former assistant from the CN group, which managed to struggle a survival and began farther takeover of the US while Tal was gone for some months. Tal defeated the assistant, and awhile after, joined forces with European military groups to assist the US government in taking out the large scale terrorist group.

After successfully purging the CN, Tal took a low profile lifestyle, and joined a church. After many years there, eventually becoming a priest in the church, Tal eventually left that, and started a political career after bending towards older age. It wasn't long, however, once Tal become vocal, that he was assassinated. Death at age 57.
Power 1: Light Manipulation Complete control over the visible spectrum of light. Allows him to make himself invisible, one of his main combat tactics. Eventually learned how to hypnotize with light patterns, made a black, completely absorbent body covering, and super-heated light rays. While mostly non-offensive, Tal eventually made a single offensive oriented attack which he named 'Quasar Maxima', which is essentially a large beam of pure energy used to vaporize whatever's in front.
Strength: E+
Endurance: E
Agility: D-
Energy: B+
Power Strength: D
Power Technical: S-


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Re: Character Dump
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2016, 02:28:24 pm »
Known Name: Generate Blade    (No actual name given yet)
Realm: IDR
Bio: Main character/central focus for IDR. Considering himself a Jack-of-All-Trades, and considering himself useless to the guild he was part of, within the desert wasteland of the word that IDR takes place, he fulfills missions set out by them. He's defeated by Queen, and was rescued. Queen was eventually captured by a partner in his team, and after awhile Queen convinces him to betray the guild, and start a full on killing spree of everyone within the wasteland, as to 'free them' from the dream everyone was stuck in. After killing just about everyone, he falls into madness, and kills Queen, and then himself.

Power 1: Generate Blade Able to reach into Purgatory's limitless supplies of materials, and create weapons. Mainly using swords or blades for offensive purposes, is also capable of making shields, hammers, axes, and spears.
Power 2: Vector Aura Along his quest, Generate Blade developed a wind aura that allows him to to make his movements, primarily the use of his weapons, into vectors, highly increasing attack strength to potential A ranks.
Strength: C
Endurance: D+
Agility: A-
Energy: C-
Power Strength: C-
Power Technical: A


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